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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence: Keep our Promises to the American People

January 4, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Vice President-elect Mike Pence addressed Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) and the House Republican Conference.  Pence stated that “Priority #1” is keeping the promises Donald Trump made to the American people during the presidential campaign.  More specifically, Pence stated that the highest policy priorities for the incoming Trump Administration are repeal of ObamaCare and Obama regulations that have stifled America’s economy and burdened America’s working families. 

Congressman Mo Brooks said, “While Congress has many pressing agenda items, repealing and replacing ObamaCare is #1 on the list.  We all remember President Obama’s false representations about ObamaCare:  ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.’  False!  ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.’  False!  ‘We’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.’  Pants on Fire False!  Last year alone, 1.4 million Americans lost their health plans.  One in five consumers has only one insurance provider option and premiums have skyrocketed on average by almost $5,500.  For the vast majority, ObamaCare has guaranteed worse heath care at a higher cost.  In the 115th Congress, we will repeal this disastrous law and replace it with market-based health care solutions that better protect the incomes of America’s hard-working taxpayers.”

Brooks continued, “As noted by President-elect Trump and House leadership, Congress intends to repeal and replace ObamaCare through an orderly, stable transition that minimizes hardship for those Americans who are subsidized with monies taken from hard-working American families.  According to the Vice President-elect, key pieces of the replacement plan will be Health Savings Accounts that give consumers more flexibility and autonomy over their health plans and legalization of interstate competition for health care insurers, thereby lowering prices and improving health care choices for individuals and families.”

Brooks concluded, “I am grateful for the commitment of the Trump Administration to deliver on promises made to the American people.  I look forward to voting to help the Trump Administration keep its campaign promises.  The American people have spoken and as Vice President-elect Mike Pence noted this morning, ‘We’re going to be in the promise-keeping business.’”