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NumbersUSA: Congressman Mo Brooks #1 out of 435 Congressmen in Border Security Fight!

August 5, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC— NumbersUSA, America’s largest, nine million member, grassroots border security organization grades Congressman Mo Brooks’ (AL-05) border security record at #1 in all of the U.S. Congress. Brooks scored a perfect 100%, A+ record on NumbersUSA’s just released Congressional scorecard. Only one other member of the U.S. House also graded at A+, 100%.  This is the eighth straight year that NumbersUSA has graded Congressman Brooks’ border security record at a perfect A+, 100%.

Congressman Brooks said, “NumbersUSA is the premier grassroots border security advocacy organization in America. I thank them for helping the public know which members of Congress fight to protect American lives, property, jobs and incomes from the current flood of illegal aliens.”

Brooks continued, “Americans regularly rank border security as America’s most important issue. Rightfully so. The tsunami of cheap illegal alien labor steals jobs and wages from hard-working and struggling American families. Worse yet, America’s porous southern border causes the deaths of 30,000+ Americans every single year (from illegal alien homicides and overdoses on poisonous drugs shipped across our porous southern border).”

Brooks concluded, “It is abundantly clear that America’s open-borders advocates put their lust for political power above the interests of the American people. There is simply no amount of American blood on their hands that causes these callous politicians to stop betraying America, secure America’s borders, and save American jobs, incomes and lives. In 2010, I promised to do everything I can to secure America’s borders. I have kept my promise. But, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of America’s premier border security grassroots organization, NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA has examined Congress’s  border security records and, year after year, concluded that no one in Congress fights harder than Mo Brooks to secure America’s porous borders.”

Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Affairs for NumbersUSA, said, “Congressman Mo Brooks is a true American patriot. He is unwavering in his commitment to setting U.S. immigration policy in the interest of American workers, much to the chagrin of giant tech, big business, and the open-borders lobby. His 100 percent rating with NumbersUSA reflects that commitment. Our nine million grassroots activists across the country are grateful to Congressman Brooks for his leadership, and we are proud to stand with him.”