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Congressman Mo Brooks Praises Alabama Right to Work Laws in House Floor Speech

April 20, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) delivered a compelling House Floor speech touting Alabama’s Right to Work laws and the freedom and liberty on which they are based.


Click HERE or on the above image to view video of Congressman Brooks speech

Full speech text follows:

Mr. Speaker, earlier this month, employees at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama fulfillment facility rejected unionization by a 1,798 to 738 vote. That’s a monumental 70% against unions to a meager 30% for unions.[1]

Bam! That kind of vote sends a powerful anti-union, pro-liberty message to America and the world!

I applaud Amazon’s Bessemer employees for rejecting unionization attempts by out-of-state agitators, from the President to Hollywood actors and on down.

A primary reason why Amazon chose to locate nearly 6,000 good-paying jobs in Alabama is Alabama’s non-union reputation.

Alabama maintains that reputation after Bessemer’s overwhelming anti-union vote— thus, ensuring companies will relocate even more good-paying jobs from union states up north into Alabama.

Alabama is a Right to Work state. What does “Right to Work” mean?

Right to Work laws protect citizens from being forced, FORCED, against their will, to join a union, pay union dues, and subject themselves to union bosses. 

Alabama’s Right to Work status gives Alabama a strong economic advantage over forced union states.

For example, 69% of jobs “reshored” from overseas back into America between 2010 and 2019 have gone to Right to Work states.[2]

U.S. Commerce Department data, adjusted for cost of living differences, reveal that 2019’s manufacturing jobs pay in Right to Work states averaged $83,000 per employee — $4,000 more than in forced union states.

That is a big difference in pay!

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Right to Work states’ overall job growth was a robust 11% over the past decade versus a meager 2.4% in forced union states.

When that data is limited to manufacturing jobs only, Right to Work states over the past decade enjoyed a very good 9.1% increase in manufacturing jobs while forced union states had a horrible 0.2% cut in manufacturing jobs!

Better yet, 2018 Census data reveals that after-tax mean income per household, after cost of living adjustment, was $64,572 in Right to Work states versus $60,244 in forced union states.

That’s, on average, $4,328 more real, adjusted for cost of living, income per capita in Right to Work versus union states!

That is a huge difference!

So, Mr. Speaker, the economic data clearly proves that Right to Work laws benefit workers!

Consistent with that economic prosperity and desire for freedom and liberty – after all – no one likes being told what they can and cannot do – 74% of Americans say they support Right to Work laws according to a recent Gallup poll.[3]

Despite overwhelming American support for Right to Work laws, dictatorial Socialists in March rammed through the House a bill that repeals all Right to Work laws in America.

Worse yet, dictatorial Socialists seek to use President Biden’s infrastructure bill to slip in a provision that repeals all Right to Work laws in America.

I hope neither of these terrible, dictatorial bills ever reach President Biden’s desk. Certainly, I will vote against them and I will vote for freedom, liberty, and protection of America’s Right to Work Laws.

Mr. Speaker, America would be stronger if more states would enact Right to Work laws.

I encourage citizens and elected officials to promote Right to Work laws, freedom of choice, and the freedom and liberty Right to Work laws represent.

I yield back.



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