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Congressman Mo Brooks Fights Deadly Socialized Medicine in House Floor Speech

December 11, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC— Wednesday, in a House Floor speech, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) lambasted Socialist Democrats’ drug pricing control bill, a Socialized medicine scheme that will result in worse health care at higher costs with longer waits and more dead Americans.

Click on the above image or HERE for video of Congressman Brooks’ speech


Full text of Congressman Brooks’ floor speech follows:

Mr. Speaker, 106—nearly half—of House Democrats have cosponsored the Socialist’s “Lower Drug Costs Now Act”.[1]

I will not mince words. Socialized medicine causes worse health care at higher costs with longer waits and more dead Americans.

America must learn from countries that have experimented with Socialized medicine. 

Per Britain’s Royal College of Surgeons, almost a quarter of a million people must wait more than six months … SIX MONTHS … to receive planned medical treatment from the National Health Service.[2]

Worse yet, more than 36,000 Britons wait more than NINE MONTHS for medical care![3]

The photo next to me was taken by a British mother outraged by the health care her ill son received. As this photo shows, her son was treated on a hospital floor!

Do we want newborn babies kept in cardboard boxes like they are in Socialist Venezuela?

Is that really what we want in America? I say NO! 

But that is exactly what America will get if Socialists have their way in this health care debate.

Canada’s Socialized medicine is no better.

A 2016 survey by Canada’s Fraser Institute found a median wait of 20 weeks … almost FIVE MONTHS … for [Quote] “medically necessary” [“End Quote] treatments and procedures.[4]

Britain’s National Health Service data reveals that almost 25% of cancer patients don’t start treatment “on time” despite urgent referrals from their primary care doctors.[5]

Britain’s politicians white-wash this deadly statistic by claiming treatment is [Quote] “on time” [End Quote] if it is given within 62 days of referral— two months of referral. 

Such long wait periods for cancer treatment can be, and are, deadly!

For example, 81% of British breast cancer patients live 5 years after diagnosis[6] compared to 89% for American breast cancer patients.[7]

Stated differently, 8 of every 100 breast cancer patients who live in America would die in Britain’s Socialized medicine system.

Americans with prostate cancer have a 97% 5-year survival rate.[8] In Britain, it drops to 83%.[9]

Stated differently, 14 of every 100 prostate cancer patients who live in America would die in Britain’s Socialized medicine system.

It is irresponsible and dangerous for America to copy Socialized medicine . . . yet that is exactly what Socialist Democrats want us to do.

The House soon votes on a Socialist drug cost plan that gives the government control over drug pricing while suppressing the invention of life-saving drugs.

For example, the Congressional Budget Office warns this legislation results in 15 fewer drugs in the next 10 years.[10] 

That’s 15 drugs that help Americans live longer or more comfortably . . . gone because of Socialist Democrat wishful thinking.

Mr. Speaker, socialized medicine is not the answer. Government price controls are not the answer.

The answer is more free enterprise competition that forces health care providers and drug companies to provide their best products at their lowest prices . . . or go out of business.

I urge the American people to not to fall prey to Socialists who promise taxpayer-funded government healthcare. I urge my colleagues to vote against this Socialist drug pricing scheme. 

Most importantly, I urge America to be wary of propaganda that claims Socialized medicine lowers healthcare costs or saves lives. Socialized medicine does neither.

Remember the promise that ObamaCare will cut your health insurance premiums by $2,500 per year? That was false propaganda!

Remember the promise that under ObamaCare you can keep your doctor and health insurance plans if you want? That was false propaganda!

America, do your homework. Don’t fall for the lies . . . again.

Demand solutions that both lower costs and save lives!

Why? Because your very life is at risk.

Mr. Speaker, I yield back.





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