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Congressman Mo Brooks: D.C. Statehood Bill is Sham & Power Grab

June 24, 2020
Press Release

Washington, DC— Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) announced he will vote “No” this week on H.R. 51, a bill for District of Columbia statehood.

Congressman Brooks said, “I will NEVER vote to give Washington, D.C. separate statehood status. Washington, D.C. is a CITY, not a state. Its population is roughly one-seventh of Alabama. To add perspective, giving D.C. statehood is the political equivalent of giving Jefferson County, Alabama or the Tennessee Valley separate statehood. That is nuts.”

Brooks continued, “History is in order. The District of Columbia originally was 100 square miles (10 miles square). Part of D.C. was in Maryland, part was in Virginia. In 1846, the Virginia part of D.C. was given back to Virginia, leaving only the Maryland portion of D.C. still in D.C.  These former D.C.-now-Virginia residents had the right to vote on U.S. Senators once Senators became elected rather than appointed.”

Brooks continued, “If D.C. residents want to vote on U.S. Senators, fine. That can be done by following historical precedence and giving the residential portion of D.C. back to Maryland, keeping the federal government portion (Capitol, White House, monuments, the Mall, federal buildings, and the like) in D.C. But this option won’t be offered because Socialist Democrats don’t care one twit about D.C. residents voting on U.S. Senators, rather, their goal is two more guaranteed Socialist Democrat Senators.”

Brooks concluded, “If offered, I will vote to return residential portions of D.C. to Maryland, thus giving D.C. citizens the power to vote on Maryland’s two U.S. Senators. That option is consistent with historical precedence. But, I will never vote to give a single, middling-size city the same political power as one of America’s 50 states.”