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Congressman Mo Brooks Cosponsors Resolution that Opposes Guantanamo Bay Terrorists Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Before American Citizens

February 3, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC— Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) is a cosponsor of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik's (NY-21) Resolution, H.Res.81, expressing the U.S. House’s sense that (1) no detainees held at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) should receive the COVID-19 vaccine until all Americans have had the opportunity to be vaccinated and (2) efforts by the U.S. government to provide COVID-19 vaccinations should prioritize U.S. citizens.

Background: On January 27, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Terry Adirim, a Biden appointee, issued a memorandum that authorized Guantanamo Bay terrorist to receive COVID-19 vaccines before American citizens. After considerable Republican pushback and outcry from the American people, on January 30, the Pentagon press secretary “paused” that plan. Roughly 28 million Americans have been vaccinated so far.[1]

Congressman Brooks said, “I am aghast the Biden Administration would even contemplate giving badly needed COVID-19 vaccines to terrorists before American citizens! Vaccines are extremely limited in supply and Guantanamo Bay detainees certainly shouldn’t cut in line ahead of American citizens—let alone military service members— when so many are not yet vaccinated. It's common sense to prioritize American citizens ahead of foreign terrorists for COVID vaccines. I disagree with the Biden Administration’s preference of terrorists over American citizens and will fight that policy every chance I get. Hopefully, this extraordinarily callous and dumb move will serve to alert Americans to the 'America Last' nature of the Biden Administration and its out-of-touch, dangerous, Socialist agenda."