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Congressman Mo Brooks Cosponsors Bill to Reimburse Jurisdictions Who Comply with ICE Detainers

February 2, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC— Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) is a cosponsor of Congressman Dan Bishops’ (NC-09) bill, H.R. 506, the Immigration Detainer Enforcement Act. This bill provides reimbursement of detention costs to jurisdictions that comply with ICE detainers, indemnifies sheriffs against wrongful detention claims made by third parties, and clarifies the authority of the arresting agency to detain criminal illegal aliens for a 48-hour period upon the issuance of a detainer.

Congressman Brooks said, “According to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”), the agency issued 122,233 detainers in FY 2020. [1] Those subject to detainers had criminal histories including more than 1,900 homicide-related offenses, 1,900 kidnappings, 3,600 robberies, 42,800 assaults, and 11,900 sex crimes.[2] Many will recall the tragic murder of American citizen Kate Steinle, who was gunned down in San Francisco (a sanctuary city) by a violent illegal immigrant with seven felonies on his record and five deportations. H.R. 506, the Immigration Detainer Enforcement Act, represents an important step in the fight against sanctuary policies that allow criminal illegal aliens to walk free without interdiction from federal immigration authorities.”

Brooks continued, “Every illegal alien crime on American soil is avoidable. That’s what makes them so tragic. With better border security and interior enforcement, America can significantly reduce illegal alien crimes, thus reducing American illegal alien crime victims. I’ve cosponsored H.R. 506 to remove any excuse for state and local law enforcement agencies to ignore an ICE detainer request. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is poised to return to harmful Obama-era policies that encourage sanctuary policies that pose a danger to American citizens.”

Brooks concluded, “We have an obligation to the families of those who have lost loved ones and the victims of illegal alien crime because states and localities refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. I’m for whatever it takes to help ICE get dangerous illegal alien criminals off American streets. If that means reimbursing jurisdictions for honoring ICE detainer requests, I consider it money well spent.”



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