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Congressman Mo Brooks: America Needs to Get Back to Work

May 11, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks praised states that are rejecting misguided and overreaching federal government enticements to pay people more not to work than to work.

Congressman Brooks said, “In America, we believe in working for a living. No able-bodied working age person should be living off the hard work of others. Predictably, paying people more not to work than to work has created an unnecessary worker shortage. Joe Biden’s claim that the abysmal April unemployment report isn’t tied to paying people more not to work than to work is an affront to common sense. Employers and small business owners across America are closing or operating at reduced hours because they cannot afford to compete against the federal government’s increased unemployment payments. As I travel the state, I’ve seen examples on nearly every street corner of employers offering good jobs that they are unable to fill. I’m glad economically responsible states are wising up and ending the asinine policy of paying the takers more taxpayer money to stay home rather than work for a living.”