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Congressman Mo Brooks & 22 House Freedom Caucus Members Meet with President Trump at White House About Impeachment Issue

October 22, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday, at the White House’s request, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) and 22 other House Freedom Caucus Members met with President Trump in the White House Cabinet Room to discuss Socialist Democrat impeachment efforts. Congressman Brooks was the only Alabama Congressman at today’s meeting.

Congressman Brooks said, “I very much enjoyed meeting today with President Trump for an hour and a half in the White House Cabinet Room. It was a very informative meeting in which President Trump gave his first-hand account and responses to Socialist Democrat impeachment efforts. We assured President Trump that we have his back. We agreed that, to date, Socialist Democrats have produced no credible evidence of an impeachable offense and that the absence of credible evidence likely explains why the Socialist Democrats have insisted on secret, closed-door, Capitol basement proceedings that prevent the public, and even Members of Congress, from observing what is really happening.”

“Almost daily since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies have engaged in a highly-orchestrated fraud to impeach President Trump and repudiate 62,984,828 votes cast by patriotic Americans who participated in the 2016 election.”

“First, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies perpetrated the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax. Once the truth torpedoed the Russian Collusion scam, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies fabricated a second impeachment hoax involving Ukraine and unethical conduct by the Biden family.”

“Rather than investigate the Bidens for using $1 billion in taxpayer money to coerce Ukraine into cancelling a corruption investigation of the company that hired Vice-President Joe Biden’s son for a lofty $50,000 per month, Socialist Democrats investigate and seek to impeach President Trump for fighting to expose corruption that may have reached all the way into America’s White House! Talk about a world turned upside down! In sum, Socialist Democrats will do whatever they have to do, including lying and impeaching a president, to force their dictatorial Socialist doctrines on liberty-loving Americans. On the plus side, at least American Socialists have not yet resorted to the kinds of Socialist savagery and thuggery that murdered many tens of millions of freedom-loving Chinese, Russians, Germans, North Koreans, and Cambodians when Socialists took over those countries and imposed their Socialist dictatorships.”

Brooks concluded concerning impeachment, “It’s sad and dangerous what Socialist Democrats, out of lust for political power, are doing to America. Instead of working to secure America’s porous southern border or tackling America’s nearly $23 trillion debt to avoid a debilitating national bankruptcy, Socialist Democrats work non-stop to undermine our republic by defrauding over sixty million Americans of their 2016 votes.”

Brooks added, “In addition to impeachment, President Trump asked about and Brooks and other Congressmen discussed the Alabama Senate Republican Primary, the likelihood of the GOP nominee winning the general election against Alabama Senator Doug Jones, the Syria/Turkey/Kurd conflict, and the need for ally nations to carry more of the world’s defense burdens in the Middle East, Korea and Europe.”