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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Brooks Votes to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord that Hurts America and Increases World-Wide Pollution

May 2, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC— Thursday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted “No” on H.R. 9, the so-called “Climate Action Now Act.” H.R. 9 would force America to join the anti-America, pro-pollution Paris Climate Accord.

Congressman Brooks said, “The Paris Climate Accord hurts America and helps competitor nations. In particular, the Paris Climate Accord calls for America to give away tens of billions of dollars to other countries.[1] That’s tens of billions of dollars America does not have, has to borrow to get, and cannot afford to pay back.[2] What’s worse, pollution controls are costly. The Paris Climate Accord undermines America’s economy by putting American employers at a competitive disadvantage. For example, the Paris Climate Accord is estimated to hammer America’s economy with a $3 trillion cut in gross domestic product and 6.5 million lost industrial sector jobs over the next two decades.”[3]

Brooks continued, “Worse yet, the Paris Climate Accord, unfairly holds America to stricter standards than the world’s worst polluters. For example, China and India, two horrific polluters, have no new air pollution control obligations until 2030, at the earliest! Contrast the abysmal environmental record of China and India with that of America! America’s carbon dioxide emissions are being cut. Between 2005 and 2017, America’s carbon dioxide emissions fell by 12.4% on an absolute basis and by 19.9% on a per capita basis![4] America did our pollution control part WITHOUT the Paris Climate Accord!”

Brooks concluded, “Finally, the economics of the Paris Climate Accord increases worldwide pollution by forcing very good pollution control plants in America to close and be replaced by plants in other countries that allow much worse pollution than we would ever allow in America. In sum, the Paris Climate Accord decreases the standard of living for Americans while increasing worldwide pollution levels. That is bad for America and worse for Mother Earth.”


[1] “The Green Fund would likely obligate the United States to commit potentially tens of billions of dollars of which the United States has already handed over $1 billion -- nobody else is even close; most of them haven’t even paid anything -- including funds raided out of America’s budget for the war against terrorism.  That’s where they came.  Believe me, they didn’t come from me.  They came just before I came into office.  Not good.  And not good the way they took the money.”

[2] Industrialized countries have voluntarily pledged $10.3 billion since 2013 to help poorer nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the effects of climate change. The United States has pledged by far the most — $3 billion, twice that of the second-largest pledger, Japan.