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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Brooks Votes Against Socialist Takeover of Internet

April 10, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC— Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted “No” on H.R. 1644, the misleadingly titled “Save the Internet Act of 2019.” H.R. 1644 passed the House 232-190.

Congressman Brooks said, “Yet again, Socialist Democrats mislead America by giving legislation an oxymoronic name that is the opposite of what the legislation does. The Internet is the most powerful information technology ever invented thanks to free enterprise and minimal government regulation. Yet, Socialist Democrats seek to ‘Save the Internet’ by regulating it and stifling the free speech and openness that combine to make the Internet earth-shatteringly amazing.”

Brooks continued, “As background, from the Internet’s inception until 2010, the federal government took a hands-off approach to the Internet.[1] As a result, the Internet flourished. In 2010, the Obama Administration intervened and imposed unnecessary so-called ‘net neutrality’ rules that federal courts later killed because they were illegally implemented. [2] The Obama Administration then persisted and in 2015 rewrote the illegal rules to subvert the earlier court ruling[3] which, in 2017, the Trump Administration repealed.”[4]

Brooks continued, “In their endless pursuit of dictatorial power, Socialist Democrats fought the Trump regulatory rollback with fabricated doomsday scenarios that attempted to scare the American people into surrendering their First Amendment free speech rights to fix nonexistent ‘net neutrality’ problems.[5] Socialist Democrats now want to implement the Obama-era Internet regulations legislatively via the misleadingly titled ‘Save the Internet Act.’”

Brooks continued, “Because of the Obama Administration’s net neutrality rules, America saw a 5.5% decline in investment in domestic broadband in 2016, a loss of $3.6 billion in capital investment that would have spurred economic growth and created jobs.[6] Socialist Democrats’ promises that ‘this is the end of the internet’ are nothing more than another ‘Big Lie’ foisted on America in an attempt to control and suppress free speech.[7] For example, one such ‘Big Lie’ is the Socialist Democrats’ claim that without ‘net neutrality’ rules Internet Service Providers would slow Internet speeds.[8] In truth, the opposite has happened. Internet speeds rose nearly 40% last year.”[9]

Brooks concluded, “I support freedom and free enterprise. I oppose free speech suppression and Socialism. The ‘Save the Internet Act’ threatens freedom and free enterprise, thus I voted against it. I urge the American people to stay vigilant and not fall prey to Socialist Democrat’s fraudulent inducements to give up our hard-won freedoms paid for with our ancestors’ blood.”



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