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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Brooks Takes Multiple Actions to Stop Obama's Illegal Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

January 8, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – On the first day of the 114th Congress, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) reintroduced legislation authorizing the House of Representatives to challenge Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens.  The bill is supported by the American Conservative Union, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the American Center for Law and Justice, and has already garnered 11 cosponsorships from members of Congress.

In addition to introducing House Resolution 11, Brooks has joined a lawsuit by 25 states challenging the constitutionality of President Obama’s immigration action by signing an amicus brief filed by the American Center for Law and Justice. Further, Brooks cosponsored the Separation of Powers Act, offered by Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02), which prohibits funding for any deferred deportation action under Obama’s plan, and stops funding for any new green cards that would be created by the Obama Administration.

According to Numbers USA, in the just-finished 113th Congress, Brooks had the best record of any Alabama Congressman in the fight against illegal aliens and tied for the best record among all 435 Congressmen.

Congressman Brooks’ statement:

“I continue the fight against the President’s unlawful executive amnesty in the 114th Congress.  As such, I have reintroduced legislation to authorize the House of Representatives to initiate litigation against the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal aliens.The federal courts are best suited to determine if President Obama is exceeding his authority, and, if so, how to reverse it.  

“Instead of acting against the law, the President, pursuant to his constitutional duties of chief law enforcer, should be enforcing the law—acting in the interest of, not to the detriment of, the American family.  President Obama’s recklessly adding millions of illegal aliens to the pool of lawful workers both takes American jobs from already-struggling American families and undermines the wages of those Americans fortunate enough to have jobs.  We must be steadfast in defending our Constitution; the separation of our branches of government are clearly defined and it is our duty as Americans to challenge actions that undermine them.

“I appreciate the support of my fellow members of Congress in holding this Administration accountable. Although filed just this week, H.Res.11 has already been cosponsored by Congressmen Lou Barletta (PA-11), Kevin Cramer (ND), Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Paul Gosar (AZ-04), Morgan Griffith (VA-09), Steve King (IA-04), Tom McClintock (CA-04), Richard Nugent (FL-11), Lamar Smith (TX-21), Jim Bridenstine (OK-01), and Dave Brat (VA-07).”

H.RES.11 states:

Providing for authority to initiate litigation for actions by the President or other executive branch officials inconsistent with their duties under the Constitution of the United States with respect to the implementation of the immigration laws.

Resolved, That the Speaker is authorized to initiate or intervene in one or more civil actions on behalf of the House of Representatives in a Federal court of competent jurisdiction to seek any appropriate relief regarding the failure of the President, the head of any department or agency, or any other officer or employee of the executive branch, to act in a manner consistent with that official's duties under the Constitution and laws of the United States with respect to immigration laws or laws pertaining or relating to illegal aliens, undocumented immigrants, or non-American citizens. The phrase “appropriate relief” includes but is not limited to all forms of equitable relief, including a declaratory judgment action to determine the meaning of laws and whether they are being obeyed or disobeyed, and a writ of mandamus, temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, permanent injunction, and such other relief as is necessary to compel obedience to law.

Sec. 2.  The Speaker shall notify the House of Representatives of a decision to initiate or intervene in any civil action pursuant to this resolution.

Sec. 3. (a) The Office of the General Counsel of the House of

Representatives, at the direction of the Speaker, shall represent the

House in any civil action initiated, or in which the House intervenes,

pursuant to this resolution, and may employ the services of outside

counsel and other experts for this purpose.

(b) The chair of the Committee on House Administration shall cause

to be printed in the Congressional Record a statement setting forth the

aggregate amounts expended by the Office of General Counsel on outside

counsel and other experts pursuant to subsection (a) on a quarterly

basis. Such statement shall be submitted for printing not more than 30

days after the expiration of each such period.