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Brooks' Statement on Committee Passage of FY15 NDAA

May 8, 2014
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –Today Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL-05) voted for House Armed Services Committee passage of H.R. 4435, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015, clearing the way for full House consideration of the bill. The NDAA is the key mechanism to provide necessary authorities and funding for America’s Military. Congressman Brooks highlighted the significant achievements for Alabama and the notable provisions he worked on with the committee to incorporate in this legislation.

Congressman Brooks’ statement:

“After a year of hearings, meetings, and markups, I am pleased the House Armed Services Committee passed the National Defense Authorization Act to fund the Department of Defense in FY 2014-15. The FY15 NDAA includes several key achievements for Alabama. It includes my provision to authorize $220 million in funding for liquid rocket engine technology, which reduces our dependence on Russia and offers American companies, many in north Alabama, the opportunity to compete for production of a brand new rocket engine. Additionally, the NDAA supports an agreement between Israel and the United States for co-production of Iron Dome, which helps to provide security for the Israeli populace while creating potential work for Tennessee Valley residents. The NDAA also continues funding for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) line in FY15 to support the construction of four additional ships, which is welcome news for the 106 suppliers in north Alabama and across our state that are a part of the LCS program.

“The FY15 NDAA authorizes $521.3 billion for the Department of Defense base budget, $79.4 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations, for a total of $600.7 billion. The Missile Defense Agency receives more than $7.8 billion in funding to develop and deploy interceptors, sensors, and the Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC) program to provide homeland defense and regional missile defense for deployed forces, allies, and friends.

“During the markup, illegal alien forces sought to incorporate into the NDAA the ENLIST Act, which takes military service opportunities from American citizens and lawful immigrants and gives them to illegal aliens. This effort to shift the immigration debate to the NDAA and the House Armed Services Committee is improper and undermines Congress’ ability to properly debate immigration issues. I am pleased we defeated this amendment at the committee level. I will continue my fight to put the needs of American citizens first when pro-illegal alien forces revive the issue on the House floor.”

* Attached is a complete list of Congressman Brooks’ provisions in the NDAA 2015.

Congressman Brooks is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, sitting on the Strategic Forces and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittees. He is the founder and co-chair of the Army Aviation Caucus.