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Brooks Applauds Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Trump Travel Ban and Effort to Protect American Citizens

June 26, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday morning, Congressman Mo Brooks praised the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Donald Trump’s Proclamation that restricts travel into the United States from terrorist-infested countries that have such inadequate and unreliable information that America’s security agencies cannot adequately vet the terrorism risks posed by persons from Chad, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea.

Brooks said, “I applaud the Supreme Court for finding that President Trump has authority to take such actions as are necessary to protect American lives from terrorism risks. America is safer as a result. The President’s legal authority on immigration and national security in this instance is clear. The liberal, judicially activist 9th Circuit, the most error-prone and reversed circuit court of appeal, unnecessarily put American lives at risk when it undermined the President’s Constitutional authority to protect Americans. I am pleased the Supreme Court overturned the 9th Circuit’s liberal, activist, and unconstitutional overreach. I fully supported President Trump when he issued the Travel Order Proclamation and I fully support the President’s continued actions to protect American lives.”

Brooks continued, “Today’s decision is a win for the Rule of Law. As Chief Justice Roberts rightly pointed out, the Travel Order Proclamation was ‘squarely within the scope of Presidential authority’ and aligned with existing federal statutes. The ‘resistance’ sought for the Court to apply an unprecedented level of scrutiny to President Trump, and I am glad to see the Supreme Court reject this irrational argument designed to hamstring the President in exercising his Constitutional duties.”

Brooks concluded, “Most notably, the Supreme Court completely rejected the left’s hokey, nonsensical freedom of religion argument that was motivated more by politics and potential political gain than rational thought. The left argued that President Trump’s Travel Order Proclamation discriminated against Muslims, yet utterly failed to properly address two key rebuttals. First, if the travel ban targets Muslims, then why did it include Venezuela and North Korea, two countries that have little to no Muslim populations? Second, if the travel ban targets Muslims, then why were so many majority Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the like) not a part of the ban?”