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Secretary of Defense Mattis and General Dunford Warn of Debt and Deficit Threat

April 12, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC— Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) issued the following statement after Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford testified before the House Armed Services Committee:

Congressman Brooks stated, “Our highest ranking military officials today again warned Congress that America’s exploding deficits and accumulated debt pose a grave national security threat to our country. Washington politicians must heed their warnings before it is too late. America’s future depends on it.”

Congressman Brooks continued, “National security is the #1 duty of the federal government. Yet Washington politicians repeatedly fail in their duty, ignore financial and military warnings, and rack up debt that threatens America with a debilitating national bankruptcy that, in turn, threatens America’s national security.”

Congressman Brooks concluded, “The testimonies and warnings of Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, and others, are why I am compelled to vote ‘No’ on massive spending bills paid for with money America does not have, has to borrow to get, and cannot afford to pay back. My duty is to my country. I will not vote for massive spending bills that our financial advisers repeatedly warn will hasten a national insolvency that is a greater national security threat than that posed by any of America’s geopolitical foes.”

Video of Congressman Brooks’ questioning can be found HERE.

Excerpts from video of Congressman Brooks’ questioning follow:


Brooks: In the time that remains will you please help the American people understand why you believe America’s out of control deficit and exploding debt are threats to America’s national security?

Mattis: Congressman, I think any nation that can’t keep its fiscal house in order eventually cannot maintain its military power, hence the connection to the Department of Defense that concerns me so much. It’s also why we put solvency and security as watchwords at the Pentagon because we need solvency first so we’re aligned with you.  


Brooks: General Dunford, do you share that concern about our accumulated deficits and total debt at some point becoming, or currently being, a national security threat?

Dunford: I do Congressman. It really gets to my opening statement. What I said was, we needed sufficient resources at the Department of Defense. We also needed that to be sustainable and predictable, and clearly on the path that we’re on the sustainability and predictability is at risk.