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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Foreign Affairs

News Releases

July 11, 2018 News Releases

Washington, DC— Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voiced support for President Trump’s efforts to have North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies contribute more to Europe’s defense. President Trump is in Brussels, Belgium Wednesday and Thursday to participate in NATO meetings.

May 31, 2018 News Releases

Washington, DC— Thursday morning, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) appeared on Happening Now with host Julie Banderas to discuss today’s talks between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korea’s Kim Yong-chol.

Key excerpts from video of the interview:


April 23, 2018 News Releases

Washington, DC— Monday morning, Congressman Mo Brooks sent a letter to the Senate office of Senator Doug Jones urging Senator Jones to vote to confirm Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State.

April 13, 2018 News Releases

Washington, DC— Friday night, American, British and French forces launched strikes against Syria and its chemical weapons program.

Congressman Brooks stated, “While I prefer that President Trump, and President Obama before him, consult with Congress and obtain an unambiguous Authorization for the Use of Military Force from Congress before engaging in acts of war against a foreign nation, I support President Trump and American troops as they engage in military action in Syria.”

November 14, 2017 News Releases

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted for the conference report to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2018. The NDAA authorizes America’s national defense programs and passed the House 356-70. This conference report resolves differences between the two different NDAA versions that passed the House and Senate earlier this year. Once the House and Senate both pass the conference report, it will go to the White House for the President’s signature.

In the News

June 14, 2018 In the News
Rep. Mo Brooks said he doesn’t believe the nuclear threat from North Korea was ever as serious as some believed.
June 14, 2018 In the News
Rep. Mo Brooks said he doesn’t believe the nuclear threat from North Korea was ever as serious as some believed.
June 12, 2018 In the News
Depending on who you watched or listened to this morning, the meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is either the greatest diplomatic feat of all time or a massive failure that will empower a madman.
May 31, 2018 In the News
Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) praised the Trump administration’s effort on North Korea.
April 24, 2018 In the News
Monday, Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Hunstville, announced that he has sent a letter to Sen. Doug Jones, D-Alabama, urging him to vote to confirm CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.