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Congressman Mo Brooks

Representing the 5th District of Alabama

Budget and Debt

America’s growing debt is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation. How we respond to America’s growing annual deficits and accumulated debt, appropriations bills to fund the government, the debt ceiling, and how these issues interplay will significantly impact America’s future. The process of reducing debt is not one that can happen overnight, but Washington must wake up and begin addressing this issue immediately.

From day one in office, Congressman Brooks has fought to preserve the long-term financial health of our nation. Brooks has repeatedly called on Congress to cut spending in a major way, and has consistently supported financially responsible, non-defense, spending cuts with his votes. This Congress, Brooks introduced H.R. 3835, Protecting America's Solvency Act, which would only allow for the debt limit of the United States to be raised if Congress passes a Balanced Budget Amendment.

For more information concerning Budget/National Debt issues, please contact Congressman Brooks' Washington, DC office.


News Releases

March 24, 2017 News Releases

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) announced today that he will vote against H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act. 

Congressman Brooks stated:

January 13, 2017 News Releases

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) will vote for a “Budget” to be used as a procedural vehicle to amend ObamaCare via an arcane device known as “Budget Reconciliation.”  Although called a “Budget,” this legislation influences but does not control future spending.  Further, although touted as a “repeal” of ObamaCare, it is nothing of the sort.  The Mitch McConnell/Paul Ryan plan amends ObamaCare (not repeals it) by stripping several onerous provisions from ObamaCare.  If the McConnell/Ryan plan passes the House and the Senate, ObamaCare will still

December 2, 2016 News Releases
Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted in support of the conference report to S. 2943, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017. The NDAA authorizes programs for America’s national defense and passed the House by a 375-34 bipartisan vote. This legislation is the conference report to H.R. 4909, which passed the House in May, and S. 2943 which passed the Senate in June.
September 16, 2016 News Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  During an awards ceremony in the U.S. Capitol, Congressman Brooks (AL-05) was presented with the Tax Fighter Award from the National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC) for his support of legislation aimed at simplifying our tax code and providing tax relief for Americans.

September 13, 2016 News Releases

Washington, D.C. – Congress will soon consider a continuing resolution (CR) spending bill that increases federal government spending by yet another $150 billion, and helps blow FY 2017 federal government spending through the $4 trillion mark, a record high.  Standing before the U.S. House this morning, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) again warned colleagues of a looming and debilitating American insolvency and bankruptcy, and explained why he will vote against another temporary government funding measure that ignores economic reality.

In the News

March 10, 2017 In the News
A newly passed defense spending bill that would provide $577.9 billion to the military has Alabama’s representatives doing a happy dance. That’s because, for a state with a heavy military presence, the new bill will bolster armed services personnel and industries at home.
March 9, 2017 In the News
Wednesday, March 8, 2017, The US House of Representatives passed of HR1301, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017. The Legislation passed the House by a bipartisan vote of 371 to 48.
January 13, 2017 In the News
Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) will vote for a “Budget” to be used as a procedural vehicle to amend ObamaCare via an arcane device known as “Budget Reconciliation.” Although called a “Budget,” this legislation influences but does not control future spending.
December 5, 2016 In the News
US Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) said on social media, “National defense is the most important constitutional duty of the federal government. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I’m pleased this year’s defense authorization bill provides strong support for the vital work being done at Redstone and across North Alabama. On a broader scale this legislation protects programs critical to ensuring our warfighters have the training and weaponry needed to protect America while providing the largest pay raise for our troops in six years.”
September 27, 2016 In the News
WASHINGTON — The U.S. intends to deploy a missile defense system in South Korea "as soon as possible" to counter the threat from North Korea despite opposition from China, the top U.S. diplomat for East Asia said Tuesday.